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    • Christopher, 57, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Christopher, 57
      Just say hello...
    • Svetlana, 49, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Svetlana, 49
      Я ищу парня, 44-50,
      Jūrmalas pilsētas Kauguru vidusskola
    • Sarmite, 47, Shotton
      Sarmite, 47
      Одиночество портит женщину. Она привыкает все свои проблемы решать самостоятельно, ни на кого не пол
      i likev
    • Valentina, 40, Gateshead
      Valentina, 40
      Я ищу парня, 40-50,
    • Tony, 23, Durham
      Tony, 23
      looking for friends
    • Jack, 23, Murton
      Jack, 23
      I will be glad to chat
    • SickasaChip, 49, Sunderland
      SickasaChip, 49
      Just say hello...
    • Osman, 34, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Osman, 34
      add me
    • Marina, 49, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Marina, 49
      ischu muzcinu 40-60
    • Galina, 58, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Galina, 58
    • Caroline, 43, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Caroline, 43
      write me hello
    • Kornel, 19, Brandon
      Kornel, 19
      looking for friends
    • Brian, 52, Sunderland
      Brian, 52
      I'm looking for a someone beautiful in spirit and heart not boring and likes to laugh and have fun
    • Mick, 49, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Mick, 49
      looking for friends
      subaru impreza
      Zynga RewardVille
    • Tatyana, 52, Sunderland
      Tatyana, 52
    • Galina, 56, Stockton-on-Tees
      Galina, 56
      Я ищу парня, 16-99, Стоктон он Тес
    • Graham, 33, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Graham, 33
      I need your smile
    • Arturo, 16, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Arturo, 16
      mr Arturo
      хорроры 80-х
    • Honor, 53, Blyth
      Honor, 53
      I'm looking for a girl that goes with the flow, sets goals and goes for it!
      Walking the Dog
      Chilling With My Mates
    • Santee, 40, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Santee, 40
      look my new album
    • Lesley, 61, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Lesley, 61
      I need your smile
      Tina Turner
      Restaurant City
    • Ahmed, 35, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Ahmed, 35
      I want to learn Russian
    • Lis, 26, Seaham
      Lis, 26
      I'm looking for the love
    • David-axel, 17, Newcastle upon Tyne
      David-axel, 17
      add me
    • Heather, 62, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Heather, 62
      I'm looking for a someone who has a mature mind.
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